2023 Honoring of Isagani R. Serrano as Hero

Letter from Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation formally informing the family of IRS of his being honored as hero

Letter from Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation formally informing the family of IRS of his being honored as hero

Annual Honoring of Heroes and Martyrs, November 30, 2023

Write-Up on IRS by Bantayog in their souvenir program: cover page, pages 13-15 with their write-up on IRS

Plaque from Bantayog

Response / Speech by daughter Toni Serrano-Soriano during the November 30, 2023 program

Response / Speech by son Karl Serrano during the November 30, 2023 program

Rappler Article featuring IRS heroism Post-EDSA


Credits to Dondon Agaton

Imagining with Gani

November 9, 2018 was the day we organized a surprise tribute that Gani could enjoy with family and friends. This video documents those happy moments of Imagining with Gani….

Remembering Gani

REMEMBERING GANI documents the week-long tribute in honor of Isagani Serrano in March 2019. We are posting it in remembrance of Gani during All Soul’s Day 2021.

Tribute to IRS PRRM Alumni Homecoming 2021

Tribute for Isagani Serrano during the PRRM Alumni Homecoming yesterday, July 10, 2021, the first since its revival in 1986. Gani was PRRM President from 2012 until his passing in February 2019. Before then, he was Senior Vice President.

RISe Tribute to Chito Sta. Romana

The Board of Trustees and the Global Advisory Council of Remembering Isagani Serrano (RISe) Inc. joins the family of Ambassador Chito Sta. Romana in grief while also celebrating his extraordinary life as an esteemed colleague in the movement for equitable and sustainable development.

Chito was a dear friend of Gani, with whom he shared a strong commitment of pursuing fairness in a fragile world. That was why Chito readily accepted our invitation for him to serve as a member of the RISe Global Advisory Council. We were honored by his active participation in the RISe Board of Trustees Meeting timed with the commemoration of Gani’s third death anniversary last March 12, 2022. We didn’t realize that was to be his last meeting with us.

Chito had a profound understanding of the complexities of global politics and development specially in relation to the role of China and the impact of such on developing countries like the Philippines. Through his eyes, we had a better historical understanding of official statements and actions of the Chinese government beyond what we hear from mainstream media.

Chito’s incisive inputs in dialogues on what was really happening in China also helped many of us have a nuanced appreciation of the role that the Chinese government has played in addressing poverty in this most populated country in the world. A number of us were lucky to have participated in meetings where both Gani and Chito shared their common understanding of the important role that the Chinese government has played in the redistribution of wealth and massive investments in rural revitalization that resulted to the biggest contribution in global poverty reduction over the past two decades.

We will miss Chito’s generosity of spirit, quiet demeanor, thoughtful look and warm smile. We bid farewell to a highly regarded friend and colleague. We join everyone in paying tribute to a global citizen who lived a life of integrity and service to humanity.

Losing You, Keeping You

This video was produced by Remembering Isagani Serrano (RISe) Inc. for the 3rd Death Anniversary of Gani Serrano and the 10th Death Anniversary of Boy Morales in 2022.

Poem by Isagani Serrano delivered by Loudette Almazan-Khan
Pictures by Isagani Serrano and PRRM
“Hiraya mo’y hinahon sa dilim” composed and performed by Bong Ramilo

Project Team: Lisa Dacanay, Loudette Alamazan-Khan, Nappy Manegdeg, Cathy Tiongson and Atan Ronquillo