Remembering Isagani Serrano as Hero: 5th Anniversary Commemoration

PRRM Penthouse, Quezon City, 24 February 2024, 11AM-12:30NN (Blended)

Photo Credits to Marie Lisa Dacanay, Joseph Purugganan, Niva Gonzales and Judy Pasimio

Poster design by Jonathan Ronquillo

Toni Serrano-Soriano, daughter of Isagani Serrano and Joseph Purugganan of Village Idiots serve as masters of ceremonies in “Remembering Isagani Serrano as Hero” during the 5th Anniversary Commemoration.

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) President and RISe Vice Chairperson Edicio de la Torre welcomes RISe stakeholders to the 5th Anniversary commemoration.

Catherine Tiongson, Joseph Purugganan and Jonathan Ronquillo of Village Idiots sing several songs that they composed.

Bantayog ng mga Bayani Board Member Dr Juan Perez cites the many reasons why Isagani Serrano has been recognized as a hero by the Foundation.

Sharing from RISe Stakeholders

RISe Chairperson and Former Secretary of the Department of Education Leonor Briones articulates that Isagani Serrano deserves to be recognized as a hero worth emulating.

Dr. Antonio La Vina shares how Isagani Serrano has been a big influence in his life and journey as an environmental and climate justice advocate in and out of government.

Rappler Senior Desk Editor Isagani de Castro emphasizes that Isagani Serrano’s heroism should also consider his contributions beyond the martial law period

RISe President Lisa Dacanay shares the plans of RISe for 2024-2025 including publishing a book on Isagani Serrano’s selected works in partnership with PRRM with the support of the Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE)

FPE Executive Director Jerome Montemayor shares FPE’s recognition of Isagani Serrano’s valuable contributions to FPE and the environmental movement and commits project support to publish the works of Isagani Serrano on environment, climate justice and sustainable development.

Justin and Kenneth Serrano receive a plaque of recognition in behalf of their grandfather Isagani Serrano from the FPE represented by its Executive Director Jerome Montemayor.

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement Executive Director Marlon Palomo and RISe President Lisa Dacanay sign a project agreement to publish Isagani Serrano’s selected works with the Foundation for Philippine Environment, represented by its Executive Director Jerome Montemayor while PRRM President and RISe Vice Chairperson Edicio de la Torre looks on.

Message from Youth

Jolinalyn Garbin, President of CSI-Earth, an environmental student organization from Bataan Peninsula State University expresses their interest in a partnership to promote the life and works of Isagani Serrano among students and youth.

Karl Serrano, son of Isagani Serrano commits to the pursuit of his father’s unfinished fight and advocacies for a better world.

Isagani Serrano’s son Karl, and his two sons, Kenneth and Justin play and sing their father/grandfather’s favorite songs “Imagine” (Justin) and “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” (Kenneth)

Founder-CEO of Good Food Community Charlene Tan explains that the healthy menu they are serving is consistent with Isagani Serrano’s advocacy for sustainable food systems

RISe Stakeholders

Photo Credits to Marie Lisa Dacanay, Joseph Purugganan, Niva Gonzales and Judy Pasimio

Remembering Isagani SErrano: 4th Commemoration

February 26, 2023 11AM – 12:30N at feeling@home San Juan, Samal, Bataan

Opening Messages: 

Edicio de la Torre, PRRM President and RISe Vice Chairperson
Leonor Briones, RISe Chairperson

RISe Plans and Updates:

Marie Lisa Dacanay, RISe President

Reflections from Bataan Youth:

Jansel Neil Navarro, CSI: Earth President

Toni Serrano-Soriano and Joseph Purugganan as MCs

RiSe Stakeholders at the 4th Anniversary Commemoration: Village Idiots Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement CSI: Earth, Bataan Peninsula State University, Serrano Clan, and Dacanay Clan

Reading and reflections on poems of Gani

Karl Serrano: My Children, They Are Dreamers
Aileen Serrano: Firetree
Alex Amora: Where I Am the Sun Also Gets In
Katherine Grace: Clouds Over Negros

Kwento’t Kanta Alay kay Gani

Original compositions for Gani:

  • “Hiraya” (lyrics and music by Bong Ramilo), sang by Jonathan Ronquillo
  • “Punla” (lyrics and music by Danny Bacia), sang by Danny Bacia

Songs performed by Village Idiots

  • A Sexy Feeling (lyrics by Gani, music by Leonard Reyes, Cathy Tiongson-Intalan, lead singer)
  • Akala ko (lyrics and music by Bong Ramilo)
  • Palengke (lyrics and music by Joseph Purugganan)

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